The CBI Book of the Year Awards shortlist was announced last week, read all about it here.  Thousands of young readers across the country are now getting stuck into the 9 shortlisted titles, as they take part in the Shadowing process. At the end of the reading process each group is asked to collectively vote for their favourite book. CBI then announces the shadowing verdict following the official prize ceremony in May.

Is your school, library or reading group taking part in Shadowing this year? If so, tell us how its going in the comments below or on our facebook page.  Or perhaps you’re an author or illustrator who has been shortlisted, let us know! We want your news and reactions!


3 Responses to We Want Your News!

  1. Paula Leyden says:

    As one of those privileged enough to be on the list, I was in a school in Kilkenny which is taking part in the scheme and there is much excitement about it. I reckon it’s a great opportunity for both teachers and students to become part of the process and thinking back to my own school days I would have loved to have had the chance to participate in something like this.

  2. The boys in our group all wanted to read “Into the Grey” by Celine Kiernan and it is proving un-put-downable. It goes “straight into the action” our readers say and has a great plot so far. “Bruised” by Siobhan Parkinson elicited thoughtful comments – very realistic; lots of twists and turns; switches to third person; different fonts for dramatic effect.
    More anon

  3. admin says:

    Thanks guys! Great to hear your group is enjoying the books, can’t wait to hear what they make of the rest of the list :)
    Happy Reading!

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