With our 2013 conference Rebels and Rule-breakers coming up on May 18th-19th we began the countdown last week with our feature on conference speaker Sarah Adrizzone. Today is the turn of another of our speakers, and one we are very excited about, Sarah Crossan (yes, another Sarah!)

This Irish author currently works as a teacher in Hoboken, New Jersey. She first came to CBI’s attention when her debut novel, The Weight of Water arrived in the post and blew us all away! The story of Polish girl Kasienka and her new life in the UK is in turns funny and poignant while Sarah’s inspired use of verse brings the story to life. Her second novel, Breathe followed shortly after and is the first in a YA dystopian series, with Sarah taking on the topics of clean air and deforestation.

Click on the links to Bloomsbury and Green House Literary sites to read more about Sarah, her inspirations and her writing process. Sarah also dispenses useful advice on her blog for any wannabee writers.


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